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About Us

Make data easy and accessible with the power of crowdsourcing. 


Welcome to the Tictag marketplace, the go-to platform for all your data needs.

Here, you can browse from a variety of ready-made datasets assembled by our in-house AI/ML experts. The datasets we offer are completely original, with data being collected and annotated by us at every stage of the preparation process.

Make use of our off-the-shelf datasets to power new data-driven insights and accelerate project timelines.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

99% Accuracy Rate

Customised Annotations

Request custom modifications to datasets

Customer Support

Fuss-free customer support available 24/7

Clean Data

Access ethically made datasets

Diverse Applications


Utterance Generation

Sample utterances for banking chatbots and voice recognition AI.

Synthetic Facial Recognition

Synthetic face data for facial recognition AI.

Why Our Datasets?

Who We Are

Tictag was founded with the goal of making data easy and accessible. We know from experience that data preparation can be a difficult and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We take the hassle out of data preparation while driving social impact. Making sure everyone can benefit from the good that data has to offer.

With the Tictag Marketplace, we’ve turned traditional data preparation into a simple online shopping experience, helping us take the next step towards our goal.

Our Data Source

Our crowdsourcing capabilities allows us to obtain diverse and unique datasets with speed and ease.

Dataset requirements are deployed to the Tictag app

Our taggers accept the tasks and collect data anywhere they are, at anytime through the app

Tictag team ensures quality of datasets through our Truetag system


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